Guidelines for artwork (ENG)

Guidelines for artwork

Standard procedure for packaging development, is to create the artwork in Adobe Illustrator.
We wish to receive all artwork as described below:
  1. Files must be created as Illustrator PDF, AI files or InDesign files.
  2. If photos are a part of the artwork, these must be embedded and in high resolution 300 dpi. InDesign files  must be packed, including all fonts and links.
  3. We need the original artwork. That means editable text.
  4. Used fonts must be attached when sending the file.
  5. Please also send us the artwork outlined as reference.
  6. Die cut drawing, layout/graphic elements and measures must be in separate layers. One layer for the die cut drawing (should be locked), one for graphics etc.
  7. The die cut drawing must be made as lines in a clean spot color, e.g. Pantone coclor  set to overprint.
Artwork can be uploaded to out FTP by using this link:
Please always follow all above guidelines.


If you have any questions please contact Mai McQueen,


Thank you.